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LOCATION Washington DC

CLIENT Confidential


SIZE 2,995 sq. ft.

TYPOLOGY Historic Modern

SCOPE Expansion & Renovation

Maintaining the existing building footprint to protect the heritage tree directly adjacent to the rear of the house, our firm re-imagined how this family home could be experienced. The 1923 property had been adjusted over the years to accommodate some elements of modernity but was never holistically analyzed in terms of function as it relates to flow. Additionally, there was no experiential connection to the seasonally impactful garden and rear yard. Working closely with the owners, we provided a dramatic alternative solution for its functional circulation both horizontally and vertically. We removed the misaligned and non-compliant existing stairs to create a feature communicating stair at the rear corner, tying the three existing floors together and opening the main living space with circulation more suitable for an active, growing family. The enlarged windows at the rear now connect this home with the beauty and tranquility of the yard, a gift of inspiration and respite, enabled by aligning the design solution with the owners’ core values.  

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