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Site Management: Pre-Development

Our Timber Cove site is evolving as we continue to work to manage and understand our environment before we determine our building design and location. We have removed a good amount of the large bushes (tan oaks) that were competing for the natural light with our young redwoods, bishop pines, cedars and douglas fir trees and the health of the canopy has increased exponentially as a result. In addition to establishing a safer site in the context of forest fire threat, birds have returned, flowers are blooming and we have evidence of ground dwelling wildlife habitation that is delightful to see. Because we are centrally located without dramatic valleys, our site functioned as one of the outdoor 'offices' for the timber company that was working in this region before 1935. Through our rehabilitation work, we have reinstated many of the previously existing walking paths and given our trees some space and sunlight that they so desperately needed in order to thrive. The resulting speckled sunlight is simply beautiful.

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