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When our firm purchased 1.57 acres on the north coast of Sonoma within the Timber Cove development last year, it was with the ambition of some day building an office that would be able to accommodate our clients and host potential clients to discuss projects that might be possible and how we can help them achieve their dreams. Timber Cove has a fascinating history of land use that ranges over thousands of years, most recently functioning as a timber harvest area, last worked in the 1930s. The idea for an architecture firm to develop a living laboratory is not new, but it certainly has not been part of our working environment until now. Over the last year, we have begun to create a space that allows for freedom of conversation and thought, where ideas and practice come together in one beautiful place. We are practicing "Method Architecture" as I like to call it. working with the land to understand how it responds to different environmental realities and how we can respond with built objects that reflect our values and our ambitions all the while being respectful of the existing ecosystem that thrives up there. We continue with site clean up and observation and are delighted to unveil the first project that is part of our long range development plan. Presenting: Observation Platform #1.

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