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LOCATION Brentwood, CA

CLIENT Monarch Athletic Club


SIZE 8.932 sq. ft.

SCOPE Tenant Improvement

 Photos provided by GCI, Inc

This boutique health and wellness club in Brentwood is the second location for Monarch Athletic Club in Los Angeles. It was featured in the New York Times by Danielle Braff on March 25, 2023 under the heading, “Think Getting Into College is Hard? Try Applying for These Gyms.” Completed in partnership with GCI in the first quarter of 2023, our client is transforming health and wellness by providing unlimited medically driven services with personal training, preventive medicine, and physical therapy, backed by a team of industry experts. Our design transitioned the windowless, gutted shell of this 1970s era ground floor space into an environment for human health, strength enhancement and evolutionary personal optimization. 

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