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LOCATION San Francisco, CA

CLIENT Confidential


SIZE 2,480 sq. ft.

TYPOLOGY Historic Modern

YEAR BUILT 1900 (Category B)


SCOPE Condominium Renovation

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The history of adaptation for this building is fascinating. Originally built as a single-family home, then lifted to add a lower floor and separate tenancy, then converted to 2 condominiums which pursued extensive remodeling of both units, and then reverted back to single ownership for the two beautiful, independently designed homes under one roof. After rebuilding the failing laundry porches and reorienting the stairs to accommodate legal egress from both units, a roof deck was added with access via a new interior staircase. The building department required 2 means of egress from the roof deck due to the extended travel distance from the new deck to the front entrance. Alternative Methods of Compliance were employed, as well as a Variance and multiple permit sets produced. The construction was phased over multiple years, strategizing the resolution of core safety issues first and maintaining constant vigilance for how this building would work for the families holistically. These clients have 3 growing children and have managed to keep them all healthy and active throughout the construction. A beautiful testament for both the clients and contractor and proof of the value of resilience in the face of growth and change.

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